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Difference between a Colonic & an Enema

Posted on March 6, 2014 at 10:40 AM

There is a common misconception that a colonic is a high volume enema which is not completely true although colonics and enemas are therapies that both involve introducing water into the colon through to rectum in order to cleanse the colon.But there are some key differences between colonics and enemas:


Colonics cleanse the entire length of the colon. Enemas cleanse the lower part of the colon, the sigmoid and part of the descending colon.Colonics involve mutiple infusions of water into the colon. Enemas involve a single infusion of water into the colon.

With colonics, fecal matter leaves the body via a tube. The client does not see or smell the fecal matter during the session. At the end of the session, the client usually sits on a toilet, and usually passes any residual water and stools.

An enema, on the other hand involves a one-time infusion of water. It sits in the lower part of the colon for a period of time, and then the person sits on the toilet to expel it.

Colonics must be administered by a trained colon hydrotherapist and requires professional equipment.One colonic removes about the same amount of waste as 12 enemas. They are more productive because the entire colon is bathed in water throughout the entire session, which generally takes about an hour, but can be anywhere from 45-minutes to 2 hours. I wouldn’t recommend getting a colonic from anyone who says it can be done in less than 45-minutes. The amount of waste in the colon and throughout the body is unfathomable. You won’t believe it until you see it leaving you, and then you still won’t believe it. Some experts are of the opinion that we need approximately 15 colonics for every year we have been alive but I believe this to be an exagurated figure. A reputed colon hydrotherapist assesses the number of treatments required based on the reaction from the patients body after the first session. Anyone who recommends 5 to 10 sessions prior to the commencement of the first sesstion is someone you do not want to have as your colon hydrotherapist. They are clearly more interested in cleaning your wallet as compared to your colon!


Enemas do not have to be administered by a professional. Disposable enema kits are available in drugstores and online.

So what would you prefer... enemas or colonics?? The debate is on  :) 

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