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How do toxins get accumulated in the body

Posted on July 16, 2014 at 1:15 PM

How do toxins get accumulated in the body is a common question asked by a majority of our clients. 

Toxins accumulate in the body as a result of stress and/or consuming too much acidic food, such as sugar, white flour caffeine and alcohol.Toxins also appear synthetically in the environment. Toxins are a type of poison that can harm our body both internally as well as externally. There are two types of toxins - endotoxins and exotoxins. Endotoxins or internal toxins are produced in the body, when the food breaks down in the large intestine and through metabolic processes in the cells. These toxins share a similarity with free radicals. External toxins or exotoxins can be either chemical or microbial. These toxins enter the body through contaminated food, water and air. Toxins can also be created by the presence of harmful bacteria and yeast.

The gastrointestinal tract is an important passage for the elimination of toxins from the body. Certain problems of the gastrointestinal tract can increase the levels of toxins in the body. Individuals who have a high amount of toxins will show symptoms like inflammation in the lining of the tract, constipation, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, pain in the abdominal region, indigestion and diverticulitis.

When the bowel becomes unnaturally acidic, it attempts to protect itself by secreting a glyco-protein substance that lines the entire intestinal wall. This is known as mucoid plaque. This substance is what makes it hard for the body to absorb vitamins and nutrients, which could result in chronic malnutrition.When the bowel becomes toxic, it contaminates the blood, which in turn, spreads the toxins to the heart, lungs, brain, muscles etc as it is delivering nutrients throughout the body. In the end, the liver is left to deal with toxic blood, and after years of relentless toxicity, it will become sluggish until it will no longer function. At this point, the toxins will begin to collect in other parts of the body. Disease will manifest wherever they settle. Overall, cleansing allows you to remove accumulated mucoid plaque in order to rebuild your bowel and your liver and protect yourself from disease.

The body is naturally designed to process and eliminate toxins. The organs that are employed for the elimination of these chemicals are the kidneys, the liver, colon, skin and lungs. Toxins from the body are rid through urine, feces, perspiration and exhalation. The liver breaks down the harmful toxins into harmless byproducts that are eliminated from the body in the form of stools or through kidneys in the form of urine. Sometimes the body gets exposed or tends to accumulate the toxins, that it becomes a necessity to eliminate them from the body. Some general symptoms of toxins in the body are chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, showing sensitivity towards certain food products or chemicals and body odor.

The presence of toxins in the body can lead to various neurological disorders and heavy metal toxicity. So in order to ward off these problems, it is very essential to detoxify the body of the chemicals. Given below are some methods to detox your body, that will help flush the toxins from the body and restore health of the organ systems;


  • Drinking several glasses of water everyday is a natural and basic way to detoxify the body. Water cleanses the body system and eliminates the toxins through sweat or urine. Water also keeps you hydrated.
  • Include plenty of fiber in your diet in the form of beets, broccoli, seaweed and artichokes. Fiber helps in digestion of the food and also detoxifies the body.
  • Add spices like coriander, cumin, turmeric and fennel seeds in your food since these spices function as a detoxifying agent and cleanse the body.
  • Stress is known to increase the level of toxins, and the liver's ability to detoxify gets diminished. So practice meditation and yoga to de-stress and boost your immune system.
  • Eating fruits like pomegranates and oranges is a natural way to stimulate the process of digestion and detoxification. These fruits also promote healthy eating and naturally reduce the level of chemicals in the body.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol, smoking and caffeinated drinks, as these not only make the toxin levels shoot up but also can harm the body. These toxins can also cause plaque in arteries. Instead you can consume natural juices like vegetable or fruit juice.


Mucosa is mucus formed to trap harmful substances and keep them from penetrating into the tissue. The natural mucus is needed for lubrication in the elimination of waste. Some foods create mucus that adds to the propagation of bacteria or pathogens. An excess of mucosa in the stools causes clumping of the feces and constipation. Dysfunction occurs when the mucus becomes stagnant and putrefied which keeps building up layer upon layer. It then becomes another source of infection, irritation, abscessed, and ulceration on the walls of the large intestine. The toxins created will be absorbed into the blood. This condition also inhibits the absorption of nutrients and water.


High colonic irrigation colon cleansing is a safe and simple method that removes old petrified fecal matter and years of toxins and accumulated waste lining the walls of the large intestine. Removing the accumulated buildup improves colon function and other normal functions and dramatically reduces the toxic load on the liver which enables healing throughout the body to be accomplished at a far more efficient rate with dramatically better mind and body health results than those therapies that do not include thorough colon cleansing and mucoid plaque removal.


When the body suffers with chronic constipation, disease (cancer, diabetes, mold infection…), yeast overgrowth (Candida), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and diarrhea there can be reabsorbtion into the blood stream of toxins that should have emptied via the bowel. This is known as auto-intoxication or leaky gut. The consequence of this is that the other eliminative organs of the body have to deal with more toxins than necessary which reduces the odds of healing from any serious condition. Any conditions related to the kidneys, skin, lungs , brain, cardiovascular, nervous and lymphatic system can have their origins in a congested colon.

Toxins in the body have to be eliminated before they can cause further harm, sometimes leading to the impairment of certain organs. In rare cases, the accumulation of toxins can also be fatal. So it is advisable to follow a proper health regimen and go for a routine checkup to the physician, in order to curb any ailment that may be prevailing.

Stay healthy!


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