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Posted on March 4, 2014 at 2:35 PM


Recently, it occurred to me…more accurately, it finally resonated on a deeper level, that “breath” might be the order of the day. Meaning, it should be “encouraged” that human beings place 99% of their conscious thought into the “act” of breathing, until such time as one is merely “breathing/being” more often than not.


And the REASON for this forced attention is that when one is fully committed to the art of the (better but never best, Kaisen-ed) breath, one doesn’t spend much time talking, but rather listening and good things happen when one listens. Just ask Bob Dylan. Breath leads to laser-like focus that leads to self-realization.


While I had myself in a close to excruciating hip opener, during which one’s only way around that physical vortex of the “pain-body” is rather through it and voila, I remembered “breath” is the tether. Now…….how many breaths?


Baby steps.


I tell myself, “try one. But a good one. Not a half-assed, stressed out, defeatist, egoic breath. You might surprise yourself and be able to do a second breath. There’s no correct number. Don’t project. Don’t go forward or in reverse in your mind. You’re brain should not be guiding you. Be your breath. Envision your breath surrounding the source of pain in your body. The idea being that we stop being limited by our body at all. The soul has far more scintillating, jamboree-play-time eventualities.” :)


Then there is also the colon to discuss. The colon and yoga go together extremely well. And I might preface that by saying, “If you’re uncomfortable with poop talk, get over it.” Consider that in physics and biology, everything has a bi-product or effect. Whether it’s an up quark, electron, mineral like iron, gases such as helium, and the two most closely visible to humans-oxygen and water, all of these interactions have a somewhat natural, symbiotic homeostasis, no? At least it seems like they do.


Why else would there be doppleganger particles?


So, if we are “star stuff,” as has been proven, then surely we can appreciate the idea that each cell, function and organized activity in the body, depends on the process of taking in something, using it, and eliminating that which isn’t of value, ie., the bi-product. Efficient digestion, as a task and function (many argue this may be more complicated and primitive than first brain function) relies greatly on the proper balance of oxygen and water to enable an optionally functioning, sustainable organism (as opposed to an organism which is degenerating or aging).


Water makes up 60-80% of our body. It is composed of oxygen. Further, much of our bone marrow is manufactured at the base of the spine where the kundalini (accessed via breath) energy source resides. Our blood is needed to bring oxygen to every cell for communication. That’s why more of your neurotransmitters and lymphatic nodes are in located in the gut-all to support the integrity of the blood to that area. Water also facilitates conduction of electricity, ie energy to keep the whole cell and being moving.


What else is in that area?


A giant, 5 foot receptacle that stores waste. But toward what end? For how long? Is that the end of the story? How important is it that the receptacle be fully emptied? Should there be clearly defined states of “full” and “empty” or can it blend together after awhile, so that these definitive states of being are unrecognizable? Perhaps it is supposed to be emptied consistently and thoroughly at least 1-2-3 times per day. The alimentary canal and it’s wavelike movement or parastaltic action indicates that it is a one way road with a definite exit and off ramp. Like a freeway coming to an end with flashing caution lights indicating there isn’t anywhere else to go except forward.


Why so many times? Think of it as proportional to the size of the organism, whereby the frequency of ridding toxins, as with other organized systems within physics, depends on how busy and vital is the task. In a car, isn’t the exhaust directly proportional to the intake in order for a beautifully synchronized machine? Hummingbirds require as much nectar as they do merely for optimal wing function. Eating protein is for other functions. Over time, consider that it is the “blurred states” and lack of delineation, which define degeneration and aging. The threshold of toxic burden is finally reached. Cars eventually stop running.


The colon also absorbs water. Why again is water important??




Water, enables oxygen to disperse and conducts electricity. If you drink a lot of water and eat a lot of foods with water in them, awesome. If not, or not in a long time…then rehabilitating your receptacle with water is not only wise, but rather imperative. Just removing the obstacle to the colon’s two main functions: intermittently storing waste and absorbing water is enough to forestall dysfunction. The obstacle is waste, which is hanging around too long. The colon can’t be absorbing water properly if there is a physical and mechanical obstacle in the way. Can the medical community agree that a generous portion of rich, developed country’s citizens are chronically constipated and dehydrated? Is the laxative industry a 700 million dollar revenue stream? Is Michael Bloomberg pissing people off with his focus on diet soda?


If your health is at the point that an organ…residing so close to the bone marrow, which is made of smooth muscle, can’t be exercised, hydrated, and loosened of accumulated bi-product with water, indeed you may be trouble. But few people fall in to this category. If you are in this category, bummer for you. You may be at a loss. The point is to not find your self in this situation. Prior to this, colonics are intuitive. You are water. You are oxygen. Your colon is made of water so how in the hell can water be bad for it??? Such ridiculousness. Quit worrying about the good bacteria and electrolytes. You probably already obliterated the good bacteria. Start with a cleaner slate and then, re-establish from there. You don’t put a bandage on a festering, infected wound before cleansing it do you? Your electrolytes can easily restored, should that be necessary. Studies show electrolytes are unaffected.


Lastly, we have all witnessed, with our own eyes how the mismanagement of environmental waste and bi-product has disaffected our planet. The same scenario is occurring in the colon. There are x-rays to prove this. If you believe that you are not in this category, you might want to revisit your assumption.

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